When would you expect gall stones to occur?

Gall stones - occur most often in women who are overweight and have children for in the late stages of pregnancy cholesterol which makes up a large proportion of gall stones is deposited in the liver in such quantities that the organ may not be able to take it all in. The liver also stores sugar but overweight people usually take more sugar than they need. So once again the liver may not be able to cope. Lying on the underside of the liver the gall bladder drains the bile stores it and then conveys it to the intestines. However, if the stones block the tube called the bile duct or the gall bladder itself severe pain will result. This is felt under the ribs on the right radiating up to the right shoulder and lasts until the stone causing it passes out of the bile duct. If the stone is wedged cholangitis or infection of the gall bladder may occur. The treatment of cholelithiasis or gall stones usually necessitates an operation for there is no known drug that can dissolve the stones. Drugs can be given to ease the pain and to relax the smooth muscles of the ducts. Often small stones cause more trouble than large ones which stay in the gall bladder without emerging to block the bile ducts. 

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