Why do babies cry so much?

Baby crying - is unable to put its feelings and desires into words it communicates vocally with other people by crying. Crying in a baby is by no means only associated with unhappy experiences, such as being hungry or feeling unwell and tears do not normally appear unless the baby is really distressed. Most mothers get to known the "vocabulary" of cries used by their baby and believe that they can tell with some accuracy what it wants from the nature of its cry. For instance, if a baby is hungry it will mot likely continue to cry if picked up, but if it is crying from boredom it will stop crying when picked up or when moved to other, more interesting, surroundings. Of course, it is not always possible to known why a baby cries. There are occasions when it is neither hungry, tired, uncomfortable, bored, frightened or wanting to be cuddled and a mother finds it impossible to quieten the baby's cries. Neither, it would eem, does the baby know what it wants and so it cries.

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