What makes you yawn?

Yawn - when you yawn, or when you see somebody else do so, it is a sign of great need. That need is for more oxygen in your lungs. When you have been sitting in a room where the air has become stale your body cries out for oxygen to cleanse and purify your blood and the quickest way to supply that need is to open the mouth wide and gulp air. Better still, you should get out into the fresh air and breathe deeply. You will then find that the need to yawn will vanish, because you are getting a better supply of oxygen. You must have noticed that you sometimes yawn when you are tired. This means your body cells need renewal, and your blood needs help in its continual task of reaching and restoring the farthest parts of your body. It indicates oxygen-hunger. Going to sleep not only rests the body, but sets up deep rhythmic breathing which satisfies this hunger. Why should you yawn when you are bored? You are probably not breathing deeply and feeding your lungs as you should. Of course, the ideal cure is to escape from what is boring you. If that is not possible, try breathing deeply. This will not get rid of the boredom, but it will tend to stop the yawning.

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