What makes people faint?

Faint - the most urgent need of the body more important even than food or drink is oxygen, which is found in the air we breathe. When we breathe in, the oxygen is absorbed through our lungs  into the blood which is carried round the body by the veins and arteries with the heart working as a pump. The most important place for the blood and oxygen to reach is the brain which controls the rest of the body through the nervous system. If the brain does not receive enough blood and oxygen, it can no longer control the limbs, and the person leg's give way under him in a faint. There are all sorts of ways this could happen. It might be due to something blocking the blood flow, a tight collar or some more serious cause. But fainting is mostly due to stuffy atmospheres, lacking in oxygen. If a person with you faints, get the victim into the fresh air, loosen the clothes and put the head between the knees, so that the weak blood supply does not have to climb upwards into the head, but can run downwards. Usually the circulation will get going again quickly and the person will soon come around, with no damage done.  

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