When can electric shocks help to cure people?

 Electric shocks - is a treatment or electroconvulsive therapy is sometimes used with people suffering from mental illnesses in which severe depression is the main symptom.
 It was first used in 1938 by U. Cerletti and L. Bini in Rome and was recommended for the treatment of manic depression and schizophrenia (literally, "splitting of the mind").
 The technique of electroconvulsive therapy is to place two electrodes on the temples of the patient and pass alternating currents through his head. This causes him to lose consciousness immediately and is followed by a convulsion of the body. It is claimed that the patient is much calmer and better balanced when he regains consciousness. In general, treatment is given three times a week for periods from two to six weeks. Some acutely disturbed patients, however, have been given as many as two or three treatments in a day.
 This treatment has become less common since the discovery of tranquillizing drugs which reduce feelings of anxiety and agitation without too many side effects.
 Weak electrical shocks are also used in physiotherapy to stimulate muscles wasted by disease.

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