What is the strongest material known to man?

Strongest material -  is the strength of any material is its ability to resist stretching, pressing together, and tearing what the scientists call tension, compres­sion and shear. No one material is the strongest for all purposes. For example, cast iron is immensely strong in resisting steady com­pression, but is easily broken by a sharp hammer-blow.
Some materials are made stronger by the addition of other substances. A little carbon added to iron makes it stronger and produces steel. The addition of silicon or magnesium to low-strength aluminium forms a light­weight, high-strength alloy used for aircraft engines and other highly-stressed mechanisms.
Nylon and similar plastics have introduced new standards of strength in non-metallic materials. They are made from basic sub­stances such as coal, salt, petro­leum, air and water, and are very tough and resistant to wear.

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