Why do men have an "Adam's apple"?

Adam's apple - is to be found in both men and women and is part of the larynx, or "voice box", situated at the top of the windpipe in front of the neck. The larynx is a more or less rigid box created by a framework of cartilages connected by ligaments. The most important of these cartilages is the thyroid forming the prominence called "Adam apple". The others are the cricoid cartilages and the epiglottis. The vocal cords are suspended in the larynx. These are two fibrous bands which are anchored fore and aft. The chords are heavier and thicker in man than in woman, which makes the thyroid cartilage more pronounced. This led in olden times to the wrong belief that the "Adam's apple" was only to be found the ancient belief that it marks the place where the apple given by Eve to Adam got stuck.

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