What is hypnotism?

Hypnotism is the art of putting a person's brain into a trance-like state which the hypnotist can then control. It is a way of exploring the deeper areas of the mind and, by so doing, releasing a patient from unconscious worries and strains. For hypnotism to succeed, the patient must trust the hypnotist and cooperate with him. Once the patient is in a trance, his mind returns to a more simple, childlike state. He often remembers incidents that happened to him when he was young, incidents which may have affected him deeply and which have made him the sort of person he is. The hypnotist, who in these circumstances should also be a trained doctor, will help him to understand his fears. The first doctor who used hypnotism as medical treatment was called Franz Mesmer. He was Viennese. His technique of hypnotism was known as Mesmerism. 

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