Why do some people go bald?

Bald People - there are two reasons why people may go bald. The live hair germ centres have either been permanently destroyed or they have been temporarily damaged. Permanent baldness or alopecia occurs in more than 40 per cent of men and may affect the whole head. In women it affects the crown of the head only and never leads to complete loss of hair. Three factors often lead to permanent baldness heredity, age and hormone balance. There is no cure. Other causes of permanent baldness may be injuries or diseases which produce severe scarring, inborn lack of hair development and severe injuries to the hair germ centres by chemicals. Temporarily hair loss often occurs after a high fever, thyroid disease or tuberculosis, but it grows again in most cases after the disease is cured. Drugs, X-rays, malnutrition and some skin diseases can also cause temporary hair loss, but usually it grows again within a year. There is also a disease called alopecia areata, in which the hair falls out in patches all over the head. Usually the germ centres have been injured only temporarily, and in 99 per cent of cases the hair grows again without treatment. Baldness may occur at almost any time of life after childhood.

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