Where are the metatarsals?

Metatarsals - bones are found in your feet. The foot is made up of the tarsus, or ankle, which consists of seven bones; the metatarsus, which consist of five bones, or metatarsals; and the five free digits or toes. Metatarsals are short and irregularly cube like in shape. The surface are rough for the attachment of ligaments. In number and general form they are like the similarly positioned bones of the hand, which are known as the metacarpals. All through the bones of the feet and hand move in a generally similar sort of way there are, of course, important differences. One of the most obvious differences is that in the bones of the hand the thumb has a far greater play of movement than the bog two toe in the foot. A joint at the based of the thumb allows many more movements than in the case of the big toe. This "opposable finger and thumb" is one of the physical attributes which has enabled men to reach the peak of the animal "league" table. It is one of the keys to human development.

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